Newsletter 03

The AIDA partnership has been hard at work in developing the project’s learning opportunities, teaching young people about digital minimalism and waste to improve sustainable mindsets in young people. The culmination of this engagement with young people happened in Maribor, Slovenia, where partner staff gathered young people from both partner countries to learn more about digital minimalism through engaging activities and discussions, as well as taking a look at the project’s amazing results, such as the e-booklet on AIDA recommendations, in addition to creating video and podcast content to further spread the word among young people to the importance of AIDA and its topics. 

The next step for the project is the AIDA Online Workshop, where young people, youth workers and other interested parties will gather to learn about the project and its initiatives, including the developed content such as the e-booklet and training videos, AIDA podcast, and insights gathered from these activities. Make sure to stay tuned for more news on how you can participate in the AIDA online workshop, and learn how to embrace digital minimalism and waste reduction! While you’re here, make sure to check out the AIDA Recommendations e-booklet, and all the project’s findings and learning opportunities here:

Thanks for your attention and Stay Tuned for more news about the project AIDA.

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